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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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I've been using these indicators for the past few months and seen some good profits as a result of it. Its allowed me to make better decisions when it comes to trading and how long to stay in a trade for.

I've been using this successfully on the one hour FX charts, but seems to work equally as well on higher or lower time frames (not less than 15min).

The main indicator is one of eight that I've created for train to identify where the best trades sit. The eight indicators are

  • This Main Indicator (PAMI): Contains the main code for setting up long/short entry and exit signals as well as a number of different overlays such asBollinger Bands,Chandelier Exit, Moving Averages (Multi Length andMulti Timeframe).

  • Trend Indicator (PATC) which have the main multitude frame support and resistance bands associated with it. It also has the trend indicator which gives the general direction of the trend, however this does repaint quite a bit and I use it with the S&R levels.

  • Moving Average Slope Indicator (PAMAS) which has the option for multi length or multi timeframe and provides an idea of the market direction.

  • Momentum Indicator (PAMTI) which as a modified stochastic (K value) with a custom momentum trend line which provides confluence with regards to trend changes.

  • Volatility indicator (PARV) which highlights when the market is opening up and where good trends/profits can be made. Also highlights when the market is quietening back down and when it is flat.

  • On Balance Volume indicator (PAOBV) which highlights the strength of buyers and sellers in the market

  • Bollinger Bands Width % (PA%BB) which highlights where the close is in relation to the upper and lower Bollinger Bands . Anything above zero is classed as a buy and anything below zero is classed as a sell.

  • Profit Accumulator Heat Map (PAHM) which is a number of indicators where they are set up to indicate a long or short trade.

The main indicator is set up with custom alerts when a long or short entry and exit signal is triggered.

I use these sets of indicators to confirm the direction of the trade and to determine if I want to trade or not. I use it along with the 2min, 15min and 4hr timeframes to identify the best entry window and how long I'm likely to be in the trade.

I'll be providing more information on this site with regards to the indicators, their performance and general trading information that you may find useful.

Look forward to speaking with you all


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